Tom is a happy, healthy and outgoing kid, but he needs more support than most kids his age.

Fourteen-year-old Tom has Down Syndrome, while his twin brother Lachie doesn’t. Although they’re the best of mates, it wasn’t possible for Tom to take part in many of the activities and experiences Lachie was beginning to enjoy. Things like sleepovers at friends’ places, without his parents, weren’t an option for Tom – until BestLife.

Now, every month, Tom looks forward to a sleepover with his friends Dylan, Elli, Alana, Elijah and Eleanor, and he can’t wait for the next one.

“Tom now knows he’s on an equal footing with his brother, and is matching him sleepover for sleepover.”

‘Each month he counts down on the calendar crossing off the days,’ says his mum, Tina, ‘Last Saturday he packed his bag and said, ‘BestLife, mum!’. He was very disappointed when I showed him he had another seven sleeps until it came around again!’