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BestLife provides Brisbane’s only planned, supported pathway to a more independent life for young people with a disability.

The BestLife team walks alongside their clients supporting them to cultivate lifelong friendships. Helping them prepare to live their most independent life is our passion. BestLife offers the highest quality away-from-home experiences for young people who live with disability.

Our model is unique

At BestLife we understand that being in a small group, having the support of highly skilled staff, regular opportunities to practice life skills and sleepover with friends in a ‘place of our own’ is the unique recipe that will ensure our young people live their BestLife.
All BestLife programs are developed with input from allied health professionals and special educators.

All our staff are trained in the best evidence based disability support practices. Person Centred Active Support, Positive Behaviour Support and Augmented Assistive Communication are the key elements of the ‘BestLife Way’ service model.

01. Weekend Sleepovers

BestLife Sleepovers are run on Friday and Saturday for small groups of children in a naturalistic, home-style atmosphere where social and life-skills learning is incorporated in a fun, friendly and socially engaging manner.

Children attend regularly (monthly) with others that share their interests.

At a BestLife sleepover, kids do what kids do – play, share a meal (which they’ve helped prepare), watch a movie, laugh a lot and hopefully get some sleep.


02. HouseMates

As our besties become young adults and are ready for that next step, they progress to three night mid-week stays with their sleepover friends and a team that know and understand them.

HouseMates provides regular life experiences; to travel to work, school and other activities from their ‘home-away-from-home’, to return each evening and plan and share the nightly meal, household chores and each other’s company. HouseMates helps minimse the trauma of isolation and provides a gradual transition from the family, helping minimise the trauma of isolation and an abrupt departure from the family with people unknown.

03. Got It! Program

‘Got-It’ Daily Life Skills Program has been developed in response to our families’ need for more frequent opportunities to focus on reinforcing and improving the life skills they’ve developed during their Sleepovers and HouseMates stays.

This mid-week daytime program is another opportunity to experience guidance, friendship and learning.

Coming Soon!

04. Day Programs

Not all kids are up to a sleepover, (and our waiting list is long) so BestLife also offers occasional Day Programs.

These Day Programs are an opportunity for kids to experience what’s often their first taste of independence and a great option for many families.

Your donation can help us offer more places in our day programs.

Our BestLife

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